MY Fitness Online Programs

Join us to achieve your fitness goals – weight loss, cardio training, improved flexibility and coordination, and muscle toning!

Classes are suitable for men and women, with instruction for both beginners and advanced explaining which muscles benefit from each routine. Classes under “MY Family” can be done by yourself, with your partner, or with your kids for fun, family workouts!

Classes vary from 15-40mins each, so you can fit regular workouts into your schedule.

MY Pilates

Pilates classes to strengthen your core and back muscles and help to improve your flexibility, posture, body alignment and coordination. Our workouts combine traditional and modern Pilates mat work and Barre exercises to make routines challenging and so you will enjoy the flow through each class. I also include classes with simple Pilates accessories (eg., foam roller, dyna-band, Pilates ring, Pilates Wheel, elastic bar, …) for those who have these at home.

Mat Workout

Barre & Chair


MY Cardio

Cardio and HIIT classes designed to gets your heart rate up to help you burn fat, lose weight, strengthen your heart, and improve your mood. We will use boxing, aerobics and HIIT to sweat it out with these intense workouts!


Full Body Fit


MY Body

Mind, Body and Soul exercises that focus on stretching, strengthening, balance and relaxation of the body. We use a Yoga foundation for toning exercises to correct body posture, achieve noticeable muscle definition and shape, and improve focus and concentration.



Toning & Stretching

MY Dance

In these Dance classes, I use my stage performer and choreographer background to break down dance movements into easy-to-follow steps to create fun and stylish cardio routines mixed with body toning. Different dance styles will be the focus of each class, such as Ballet, Modern Dance, MTV Dance, Hip Hop, Broadway Jazz, …. Let’s make workouts really fun!




MY Equipment

These classes are designed for those who have home gym/ Pilates equipment – each class uses either dumbbells, Fit Ball, TRX, Pilates Reformer, or Pilates Chair. I have been teaching these for 20+ years in group and private classes, so bring my experience to create dynamic and easy-to-follow instruction. Lets make the most of that equipment you’ve bought!

Pilates Reformer

Pilates Chair & Roller

Trx, Fit ball, Weight

MY Family

Fitness should be fun and inclusive, so these classes can be done by yourself, with your partner or with your kids as easy-to-follow, fun, family workouts. The classes include Cardio, HIIT, Toning, Pilates, Yoga, and Dance – something for all the family to enjoy while you get fitter!



Body Fit

I am a cancer survivor and 2 years ago I stepped into the MY Fitness studio and asked May if Pilates can help me achieve me lifelong dream … to conquer one of Nepal’s greatest trekking trails. 2 years later, I am now both mentally and physically strong and here I am today standing on the Himalaya trail! Thanks so much and see you when I get back!

Ms Nor

Ms Nor


My wife and I have been clients of MY FITNESS for 6 months and the results speak for themselves. We have both lost weight, gained core strength and most importantly, we feel great! I fly a lot for my business and as a result, I used to have chronic backaches. Now, with my back and core muscles toned, I fit better in my clothes! Thanks for bringing our health back!

Carl and Jessie


It was May Yang who inspired me to take up Pilates in 2004 when I attended her trial session. Over the past 10 years, I have indeed benefited a lot from this exercise. Now I am more flexible with stronger arms, lower back strength and a more toned body compared to peers of my age. Pilates classes with May are never the same routine, every class poses a new challenge to improve on. Thank you for your efforts to help me become fitter!

June Tan


I have developed strength and muscle tone since becoming a client at MY FITNESS. I feel stronger and have noticed a huge difference in my posture in how I carry myself. The trainers are enjoyable to work with and have challenged me to meet my potential. It is without hesitation that I recommend My Fitness for achieving your own personal fitness goals.